Author Services

HumorOutcastsPress/ShorehouseBooks/Corner Office Books provides independent publishing with a traditional flair. Our goal as an imprint publishing house is to form a partnership with authors so they can realize their publishing dream whatever the genre.

Publishing with HumorOutcasts Press/Shorehouse Books/Corner Office Books

We have experienced a great deal of growth since our debut book in 2012.  We have more than 40 titles that include fiction, non-fiction, memoir, mystery, horror, humor, history and politics. If you are a humor author, your book will be under the HumorOutcasts Press (HOPress) label. If you are non-humor author, your work will be under the Shorehouse Books label or our new label, Corner Office Books.  Since our inception, our goal has been to deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price for authors.

While each author might have different needs, so we have two separate publishing packages for authors.


Package A. $3000 with a $1000 non-refundable deposit at signing of contract. For authors who prefer to do a one-time payment, we offer a $500 discount with a total cost of this package of $2500 and a 50-50 royalty split. This package includes formatting, cover design, set up on Createspace, ISBN number purchasing and some basic marketing and promotion mainly through social media marketing. This package includes:

  • Press Release for launch of book which will be distributed through targeted media list for author’s local print and broadcast media and then outward to other regions.
  • Designated Author Page on HOPress-Shorehouse Book which will have author bio, book image and link to Amazon as well as all photos and links to media coverage.
  • Book business cards with book cover as front and publisher contact info on back
  • Committed social media campaign for FB and Twitter (personal and FB page and Humoroutcasts Press-Shorehouse Books FB page and twitter accounts) plus Google, StumbleUpon, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Advertising book on as well as excerpting book and publishing press release on site and print interview on (This is spread out over 90 days from release.)
  • Book launch party near author at either a local bookstore/ café and/or one in Philly area if author would like one.
  • Whatever else we come up with!

Package B: $5,000 with a $1,000 non-refundable deposit at signing of contract. For authors who prefer to do a one-time payment, we offer a $500 discount with a total cost of $4,500 and a 50-50 royalty split. This package, includes our marketing and promotion package.

Valued at $8,000-$10,000, we offer it to our authors as part of their investment. Below is a portion of what our promotion package includes:

  • Press release for launch and a follow up press release
  • compilation and contact of targeted media lists for print and broadcast media
  • the creation of a digital media kit
  • Facebook and/or Google ads
  • social media campaigns and possible facebook and google ads
  • flyers and promotion for book signings
  • contacting bookstores and other venues for book signings
  • creation of an author page which highlights authors, their books and all press associated with their work
  • Book party if possible.

Package C: $7,000 with a $3,000 non-refundable deposit at signing of contract $2000 to cover up to 28 hours of editing services for manuscript with one of our preferred editors and $1000 non-refundable deposit for publishing and promotion services).  Any money remaining from editing will be applied to additional promotion. Editors will be paid a deposit and upon completing services, they will be paid the balance due depending upon the number of hours of work documented. Same promotion package as above for Package B.

We work diligently with our authors as a team to brainstorm new promotion ideas. This is not a typical three-month publicity campaign. Once you are our author, you are always our author and we will always keep our eyes and ears open for promotion opportunities.    

Once a book is scheduled, we expect an author to keep to designated deadlines. If an author is more than two weeks late with a deadline date an additional $250 will be charged and will continue to be charged for each missed deadline date. We schedule our releases very carefully and when an author does not abide by deadlines, that causes us to have to outsource for additional help. 


If you need an editor, we can offer you names and referrals or you can choose one of your own. Check out our editors section on the menu on the home page. Our recommended editors come with years of book/publishing experience.  Editing is at the author’s expense and not part of the package. All books must be edited before we begin publishing process.

**Authors are not required to buy any books or inventory any of their books.

We look at each author as our partner, and we invite authors to participate in the marketing process so that we can develop marketing and promotional strategies to reach both traditional media outlets as well as online outlets and readers.

For more detailed information about pricing and royalty structure, contact or



**not all manuscripts accepted



Formatting Services:

If you are an independent author who does not want to tackle the challenges of formatting a book for print and ebook,you can leave the technical work to us. We will prepare your book for publication and upload your files under your publishing name. For pricing information on formatting books of all genres, contact   If you need marketing and promotion, we can incorporate these services with formatting into one package 

Marketing and Promotion Services

If you are an author who is in need of some promotional assistance, contact us. We will help you find outlets for your book and work to get the word out with press releases, blog tours and podcast “appearances.” We will also work with you to plan events in your local area that will attract readers and potential book buyers. Contact for a personalized marketing and promotion plan.