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Drawing on real-life experience, author CF Winn offers a unique perspective on the idea of true love in her debut novella, SUKI.
“After years of watching so many silently experience a level of heartache that few understand, I decided it was time to start a discussion,” Winn says. “As a culture, we find certain subjects so painful that they are avoided completely. The story of SUKI comes from emotions previously left dormant, anxiously waiting to hug the soul of anyone brave enough to peek at them.”
In SUKI, Winn writes from the point of view that everything happens as it is supposed to by design.

Set in New York, the novella tells the story of Savannah, an independent go getter, who allows fear to keep her from being completely happy, and Dwayne, a softhearted ex-Marine with a talent for creativity. The couple is destined to find each other and carry out a preordained agreement made long before their human feet enter this Earthly plane. Their connection is tangible and their lives easy – until they are presented with one challenge that shakes them to their cores.
The couple’s subsequent struggle to make sense of their imploding world comes to a head in the epilogue, where a shocking secret is revealed in an overdue letter.

Throughout SUKI, Winn allows the reader to be a silent spectator, experiencing the unfolding of each event along with the characters. The novella delves so deeply into a world rarely talked about, that after the cover is closed the reader is left with a permanent imprint.

CF Winn is an author, blogger, and editor. Her website, with links to her other works, can be found at

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