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Cheyenne Leo learned to read and write before she was four years old, due to the dedication of her mother. Despite her mother’s best efforts, she got addicted to Horror when she snuck Cujo by Stephen King out of the library- although she never got to read the ending, she read enough to know that Horror was her game. She enjoyed early success, being first published at the age of nine with her poetry, receiving several dozen editors and readers choice awards. She is a proud Canadian who resides in the interior of British Columbia in a modest mountain cabin. Cheyenne walks the line equally between her family’s Native spirituality and the craft of Wicca, and is widely known as a “good” Witch. Cheyenne dedicates most of her time to her work- Summertime, St. Aidan’s, Willow Creek, and a weekly Newsletter, blog and fashion line all under her brand name- Darkness Reigns. She uses her training in graphic design for her fashion line, and spends the rest of the time helping her family. Cheyenne welcomes all readers to contact her via the internet

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