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Independent Publishing with a Traditional Flair

As a published humorist and author who has “done” both the traditional and independent publishing routes, I know what challenges affect authors and writers today.  In the last decade, the publishing industry has changed dramatically, and with the success of HumorOutcasts.com, which showcases the talents of more than 100 writers from “newbies” to award-winning television writers and producers, we (my editor, my tech expert and myself) felt that we needed to find a way to help our writers achieve their dreams of becoming authors. And so HumorOutcasts Press or HOPress was born.  As more people heard about our goal to help writers realize their publishing dreams, they asked HOPress to consider publishing their work. Our aim with HumorOutcasts Press was and still is to help talented authors get their books to print and eBook/kindle in this new age of publishing without breaking their budgets or bank accounts.

At the beginning, we thought that we would concentrate our efforts on humor writers, but as more authors approached us, we realized we needed to open our doors to all genres. So, we added Shorehouse Books to our publishing family to accommodate all authors.  No matter what your genre, we have you covered…so to speak!  Our publishing venture continues to grow and now we have more than 35 titles under the HOPress-Shorehouse Books name. In November 2016, we launched Corner Office Books which will focus on business and professional manuscripts.  We are growing and we are inviting authors to grow with us. If being an author is your dream, invest in yourself and make that dream become a reality!

Authors can submit their EDITED (EDITING IS THE AUTHOR’S RESPONSIBILITY)  manuscripts to HumorOutcasts Press/Shorehouse Books ([email protected]). Not all manuscripts are accepted. We now offer a package for editing that does offer a slight discount than going to an outside editor. if an author would prefer one of our editors take on their project separate from the package, we can connect them with an experienced editor as well. We try to accommodate each author’s needs and work to individualize our services as much as possible.

You can also bring in outside people for cover design, but we have wonderful artists and designers, and we do include that cost in our package. For each author, we will format your book, get ISBN numbers issued, pay for expanded distribution so your book appears on multiple online retailers, and publish it in both print and kindle versions. We will also set up an author page on our site with author bios, press coverage, reviews, etc. We offer an extensive promotional package that includes blog tours, interviews and podcasts. We will try to the best of our ability to do your book your way. We do not want to interfere with your book or novel vision; we just want to help you realize your goals.

We understand your frustrations and your dreams as we have lived them!

A variety of services to suit your needs, see our Author Services page.

Authors who are interested in submitting manuscripts should

contact [email protected] or [email protected] or Donna@HOPress-ShorehouseBooks.com


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