Publishing Testimonials


Donna loves what she does and it shows. She formatted and uploaded my novel quickly and efficiently, making all the needed corrections along the way. Her pricing is fair and she’s a pleasure to work with.
Dan Naturman author of Ira Spiro: Before Covid 

Donna and HumorOutcasts Press were great to work with. They take care of all the details to produce a polished book. Donna has an outstanding network of editors, spell checkers and designers as good as any major publisher, possibly better.

Jeff Nichols – author of And Then They All Puked


Donna Cavanagh and the entire team of professionals at Humor Outcasts Press do great work.  What I most appreciate is that they kept working with me until I was 100% happy with every aspect of my book.  Everything about the finished product gives me joy.  In fact, it’s even better than I envisioned it could be. Dwayne Booth’s cover design is nothing less than brilliant.

I’m also pleased with all the promotion my book has received at the Humor Outcasts website and on many social media platforms.  And doing the interview podcast with Billy Dees was a real kick.  Donna has gone above and beyond to ensure my book reaches the widest audience possible.

For years my book was only a dream.  Thanks to Donna and Humor Outcasts Press, it’s a dream come true.


Bill Spencer-author Uranus is Always Funny: Short Essays to Make you Laugh


One of the most difficult things to find as a writer is some magical person to stand in your corner and say – keep going – you’re amazing – this is going to be great. I found that magical person and her name is Donna Cavanagh. Together with HumorOutcasts Press – Donna has managed to build a publishing house that is not only talented in what they do but supportive of the authors they represent. Whether she’s talking me off a ledge about book sales or simply telling me to calm the f**k down – Donna is a publisher who just happens to be part psychiatrist and part cheerleader. She’s like having your own personal Word Mom. In a day where my dog can publish a book as easily as I can – having Donna Cavanagh and HumorOutcasts Press behind you – is like having a very sweet and smart 500-pound gorilla push you through the clutter of the book world and then give you a hug.


Executive Producer/comedy writer Heidi Clements, Author Welcome to Heidi    


Signing on with HumorOutcasts Press was an experiment for me. I had never published with an imprint publishing company before.  But five minutes after meeting Donna Cavanagh, I knew I wanted to work with her. She is, like me, optimistic and patient. She is enthusiastic, determined  and knowledgeable when it comes to promoting her authors. Most important for me, she is a fellow humorist so I know she understands my writing world. I look forward to more books and projects with Donna and HumorOutcasts Press. 


Roz Warren, author of Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor    


Our Bodies, Our Shelves by Roz Warren

As a first-time author, everything about the publishing industry was both new and somewhat mysterious. Donna was very easy to work with, and helped me all the way through the process. I felt comfortable asking any question, knowing that she would be patient and informative.
I also really enjoyed doing the two interviews on Humor Outcasts Radio with her about my book!


Dr. Michael Harris, author of Winning A Debate With An Israel-Hater: How to Effectively Challenge Anti-Israel Extremists in Your Neighborhood


Winning A Debate With An Israel-Hater By Dr. Michael Harris

As an author with a mixed history of publishing experiences, I offer the highest praise for publisher Donna Cavanagh and Shorehouse Books. Donna’s industry knowledge, patience, and genuine advocacy for her authors have made my publishing journey with her a real joy.  I can’t wait to get started on the next project!


Mary I. Farr, author of The Promise in Plan B: What We Bring To The Next Chapter In Our Lives and Never Say Neigh: An Adventure in Fun, Funny And The Power of Yes.    


The Promise in Plan B by Mary I Farr

Writing a book had been a lifelong dream of mine.  With Donna Cavanagh’s help that dream became a reality.  She was there with endless encouragement for the entire process. Anytime I had a question or just felt general anxiety concerning my book, Donna always had an answer and a kind word.  Once the book became published, Donna relentlessly marketed it.   Her knowledge of publishing and passion for the craft has taught me so much.  In a digital  world that is slowly changing and the big boys of the entertainment distributions are slowing losing their stronghold,  I foresee Donna Cavanagh and Humoroutcast Press  becoming the new model of publishing.


Comedian Robin Savage, Author Stand Up and be a Lady    


Stand Up and be a Lady by Robin Savage

I’ve been overwhelmingly pleased with my relationship with Donna Cavanagh. She has been caring, concerned that our novel was portrayed with its true intentions in every respect. She didn’t care about length or word count, she cared about integrity of the work. She also gave us great insights, which we took to heart, and was so supportive in every aspect of how the novel reached the public. On top of this, Donna is hilarious, keeping us laughing constantly! Shorehouse is a nurturing, supportive company that makes a novelist proud to release their work to the public.


Deborah Fezelle, Co-Author The Evil That Men Do and A Walking Shadow


Donna and Ed at Shorehouse Books are the best! My co-writer and I were dealing with a lengthy manuscript when it came to THE EVIL THAT MEN DO, and we didn’t want to cut the heart out of it to fit the standards of a traditional house. Donna and Ed, worked tirelessly with us to find the perfect font, readable but compact enough to make the print novel a reality. Donna is also a force in social media and the most engaging of radio interviewers, enthusiastic, on point, and personable. Most of all, Shorehouse supports its authors, and I regard it as the perfect home for EVIL and its coming sequel, A WALKING SHADOW.


Sherry Yanow, Co-Author The Evil That Men Do and A Walking Shadow

The Evil That Men Do by Deborah Fezelle and Sherry Yanow

The Evil That Men Do by Deborah Fezelle and Sherry Yanow


Frankly, I’ve never met a publisher eager to take on a horse client. Make that a horse author, blogger and all-around Renaissance guy. Not only does Donna appreciate the humor and civility behind the voice of Noah Vail (horse), she joyfully promotes him and his commentary on the finer points of human folly. As Noah Vail’s manager and writing partner, I have been delighted with Donna’s whole-hearted appreciation of Noah’s first book, Never Say Neigh. She has tirelessly promoted, interviewed, cheered and laughed out loud with both of us. If she can’t sell timely ideas crafted by a horse, I’ll guarantee nobody can!

Mary I. Farr, Author, Never Say Neigh


Never Say Neigh by Noah Vail and his human voice Mary Farr

If I had to choose a modern, confident and positive voice for women in the 21st century it would be the talented humorist/author/business woman Donna Cavanagh.   CEO of the ever-growing and popular online humor magazine, HumorOutcast.com and recently launched HumorOutcasts Press/Shorehouse Books, Donna is an expert at social media and trade promotion.   Her selfless commitment to her writers goes beyond Editor-In-Chief.  Affectionately known as, HumorOutcasts’ Den Mother she’s constantly encouraging her writers to expand their talent; to venture outside of the box and sharpen their individual conceptual writing styles.  Donna has successfully created a non-judgmental haven for writers to share their work without the usual clique environment encouraged on other writing sites. As writers we tend to be lengthy with the written word, so I will end by simply saying it is a pleasure and an honor to write for HumorOutcasts, published by HumorOutcasts Press/Shorehouse Books and to be inspired by Donna Cavanagh.

Deb Martin-Webster, author Love, Montana and Always,Montana

Always Montana by Deb Martin-Webster

PR Testimonials

PR Testimonials from Authors Not Published by HumorOutcasts Press/Shorehouse Books
IT IS ELUSIVE as the Holy Grail. In the realm of aspiring writers, the thing we all wish for is a knowledgeable advocate – that one person who knows the ins and outs of writing, publishing, and promoting an author’s work. Without it, years can be wasted. With it, your book has its best chance of success. Donna Cavanagh is the best friend and ally a writer can have–an author, platform builder, publisher and marketer. I often suspect she is actually four incredible people working under a pseudonym. But she is real, and she is a powerhouse. My books would be lost on dusty electronic shelves without her. – Stacey Roberts author Trailer Trash With a Girl’s Name and Trailer Trash With A Girl’s Name: Father Figures


DONNA CAVANAGH: MS. 110%. Her understanding and appreciation of social media, combined with boundless enthusiasm and a strong work ethic, make Donna the perfect p.r. addition to your team.  Her presence reaches to her radio broadcasts, as well as her premier humor site, HumorOutcasts.com, both of which have helped promote my novel,Elevating Overman.  I was introduced to Donna as a potential guest for her radio show and ever since that first appearance, she has been a relentless supporter of my work, and become a friend.  HIghly recommended!Bruce Ferber, author – Elevating Overman BLOG OF SHAME – http://bruceferber.net/blog/

Donna Cavanagh’s HumorOutcasts.com website covers all the bases. First of all, she’s delightful and warm and funny, and that attracts a large audience. Secondly, she genuinely cares about the books she supports, and it shows. Her audience trusts her, which makes all the difference. Her social media reach is strong and growing stronger every day, and she truly delights in spreading the word about the writers she works with. Donna is a gem, and she delivers. What more could one ask for? Oh, and did I mention her infectious laugh?  Don Winston, author – S’wanee: A Paranoid Thriller
Ultimate promoter. Donna Cavanagh has helped promote me and my book by spreading the word about my books on Facebook, Twitter, her podcast and HO website. Her support has been a great and she’s nice too. Dionne Lister, author  Shadows of the Realm: The Circle of Talia (Volume 1)
Donna Cavanagh is a tireless promoter of the writers and authors that grace the pages of Humor Outcasts.com. For my book So Much Time, So Little Change she hosted excerpts on the site and spread the word through a variety of social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-In and many others. And she graciously interviewed me for her radio show HumorOutcasts Radio. We had a fun, laugh-filled talk.  A writer and published author herself, Donna goes all-out to help writers connect with readers.Thomas Sullivan, author So Much Time, So Little Change and Life in the Slow Lane