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Jason Elia WAS a great writer, writing both Elliston and Stories We Tell (under the Dr. Seuss inspired pen name S.A. Mills) and the film Balance that starred a Baldwin. After the Baldwin incident, the use of the word “great” was stopped when referencing him as a writer. Mediocre as he is currently, he continues to write here and there for TV and film and is currently writing two books simultaneously. One is the “fictionalized” autobiography of his childhood and the second is a follow up/prequel to his debut novella Elliston. Yes Jason Elia has done it all without really doing anything. Self deprecating and formerly great, Jason Elia is going to go get sushi and one of those fancy Japanese imported beers.
All of the above is written from Jason’s perception of himself. Truthfully, Mr. Elia is a ever aging ageless kid. A guy so uncool and ballsy he refers to himself as a Jedi despite never having seen a single Star Wars movie. He’s also color blind and dyslexic. Jason Elia is simply a comedian and talented writer who made his home in Nashville.



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