Dorothy Rosby


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Dorothy Rosby is a syndicated humor columnist whose work appears in publications in eleven Western and Midwestern states. Her column has been recognized by the South Dakota Newspaper Association, the South Dakota Federation of Press Women, and the National Federation of Press Women. She is also the author of the humor book, I Used to Think I Was Not That Bad and Then I Got to Know Me Better. Visit her website at Follow Dorothy on Facebook and Twitter


What other humorists are saying about Dorothy and her work: 

Any parent who has suffered through a “sleepover,” seen their child go out in 30-degree weather wearing shorts, or worried that their child might still be in diapers on their wedding day will relate to the hysterically heartwarming stories Dorothy Rosby tells. She puts the collective experiences of parents everywhere to words—very funny words that had me shooting my decaf venti latte through my nose!

Lisa Smith Molinari, The Meat & Potatoes of Life syndicated columnist and author


I started giggling at the introduction, laughing out loud in chapter 1, and howling by the finish!

Cathy Turney, Author, Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success


By suggesting you read this book I’m not saying you’re an imperfect parent. I’m saying Dorothy Rosby is an imperfect parent and you can relate. Parenting is hard but when the agony is happening to Dorothy, it’s much funnier. A great funny, read.

Bonnie Jean Feldkamp, freelance writer specializing in parenting issues