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“Ahead of them, in their path, stood something unidentifiable. It stood like a person, but it could not possibly be. The face was distorted and the brow jutted out over the eyes which were set deep within the skull. They were small and beady but at the same time sharp and bright. The Creature’s gaze swept over them, taking everything in. The Creature’s arms hung at its sides, and his hands were deformed. The thumbs were almost non-existent and the fingers were short and fat—almost sausage-like. His nose, which had slits for nostrils, seemed to be flat and it stretched from the jutted forehead to a wide mouth. At the edges of the mouth, teeth jutted up which made them look as if the Creature had tusks.” This is what four friends had to face one bright and sunny day in the old growth forest surrounding Glacier Lake near Ashland, BC. It all started so right, renting a boat, packing a cooler full of booze- until their fearless leader failed them. Now, they find themselves far from any form of civilization, and in order to survive, they are now faced with the task of fighting their way back, avoiding the monster even as it hunts them, its keen sense of smell an advantage as they run, day and night- the trees tripping them, muffling their screams. One by one, they face their monsters, relying on their personal and physical strength to survive. When it all comes down to the end, one is left standing- but will they be the victor? Or will they be sucked down into the belly of the beast? Summertime is a novel unique, skillfully blending science fiction and horror. Named after Janis Joplin’s rendition of George Gershwin’s classic tune, it delivers terror straight to the heart.

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