I am So Sick of White Guys: The Coloring Book Experience

I am So Sick of White Guys:The Coloring Book Experience

I am So Sick of White Guys: The Coloring Book Experience combines the long and revered American tradition of political satire with the latest popular craze, ‘adult coloring books.’

If you are sick of news reports of yet another white guy abusing his power and taking advantage of your government, your financial system, your society and your culture, to pad his own wallet, then I am So Sick of White Guys may provide an amusing outlet for your frustrations. (Time to break out your crayon – you’ll only need one color!)

Jim Corbett and Tim Jones collaborated with caricature artist, Steve Hartley to create a collection of beautifully crafted images that skewer some sacred cows (and a fair number of pigs as well) that have grabbed more than their fair share of the pie over the years while convincing the world that the only opinion that really matters is the opinion of a white guy with money or power. Each image is accompanied by witty, sarcastic and sometimes even snarky comments that just might be the elixir you need to help you cope with what is happening to the greatest democracy the world has ever known. (Remember when our elections were decided by an insane thing called the ‘Electoral College,’ instead of an even more insane thing called Russia?)

I am So Sick of White Guys will look great on top of that pile of magazines accumulating on your coffee table you’re never going to get around to reading and will be a provocative conversation starter as guests peruse the depictions of some of your favorite prime-time foils.

It has been suggested (by the authors) that if enough people buy I am So Sick of White Guys, more people will be energized to vote in America, which could lead to a world in which the opinions and contributions of ALL people were valued equally and perhaps—just perhaps— a world in which true progress could be made toward life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So, in a way, buying a copy of this book just might change the world. Not a bad return on your small investment.

The authors are donating ten percent of the profits from book sales to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which devotes its efforts to opposing hate groups.

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