Bala Cynwyd Author Roz Warren Returns with Another Book of Library Laughter Just Another Day at your Local Public Library: An Insider’s Tales of Library Life

Just in time for National Library Week (April 8 – 14), library humorist Roz Warren is back with a second collection of wise and witty essays about life in the stacks. Just Another Day At your Local Public Library: An Insider’s Tales of Library Life is the “sequel” to her popular

Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor.

“Librarians need to have a good sense of humor to deal with the many challenges of this job,” Roz Warren explains, “but the library-going public doesn’t necessarily realize that. With these books, I wanted to push back against the stereotype of librarians as dour and serious bookworms who don’t know how to laugh. Librarians laugh all the time. It’s how we survive.”

Warren’s newest collection of funny essays about library life covers topics ranging from the most outlandish excuse a patron has ever given for returning a book late to the odd surprises to be found in library book drops.  And, of course, the joy of shushing. 

“Librarians strive to make the library quiet and peaceful,” notes Warren. “But, as a workplace, it’s never dull. A public library is the heart of the community, which means everyone is welcome. A wide variety of people come through our doors every day. Most are wonderful, but some — well have our challenges.”

A retired attorney, Roz is no stranger to humor and has always embraced it in her life. Just Another Day At Your Local Public Library is her fourteenth humor book. She’s also a popular essayist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Funny Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Jewish Forward and the Huffington Post. And she’s been featured on both Morning Edition and The Today Show.

Roz is the curator of the “Library Laughs” Facebook page, and was the editor of the ground-breaking Women’s Glib humor collections which includes titles such as The Best Contemporary Women’s Humor, Men Are From Detroit, Women Are From Paris and When Cats Talk Back.

Roz Warren is active on social media and can be found on Twitter at @WriterRozWarren. You can read more of her work at and connect with her on Facebook. The book is available on and other online sites plus Warren will be holding book signings and participating in speaking engagements throughout the country.