It Comes From Within:Living with Bipolar Illness


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It Comes from Within: Living with Bipolar Illness is a compilation of articles, worksheets and personal narratives that shine a light on Bipolar Illness, an issue that is often kept in the dark. Co-authors Michael Solomon and Gloria Hochman, want everyone who struggles with a mental health issue to know that he or she is not alone.

It Comes from Within is the story of how Mike and the mental health movement have gained understanding and maturity, and how every reader can do the same.

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This book took me by surprise. It was given to me as a gift and I will be honest, I was hesitant to take it out on the airplane, lest someone think I was suffering from bipolar disease. Then fate jumped in and my airline TV was the only one on a plane of hundreds that would not work. So I picked up Michael Solomon’s book and could not put it down, even to choose between chicken and pasta for my meal. I love the honesty, the insight and the real-life feel of this book. Of course, I now realize my heinous error in not wanting to read this in public. Michael and Gloria made me understand that this is a conversation that needs to be loud and proud. This book is great. Everyone should read it. But if you have a loved one who is working hard at their life because of a bipolar diagnosis, you should buy a copy for every one of their friends and family members. I sure hope Michael has it in him to write a sequel as my only criticism is I wish there were more stories of his life. He writes with charm, grace and truth.  –Cathy Sikorski, attorney specializing in elder care and author of Showering with Nana: Confessions of a Serial Caregiver and Who Moved My Teeth? Preparing for Self, Loved Ones and Caregiving


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