Elle & Eleanor Across the Pond





Elle & Eleanor – Across the Pond by Lauren Widner and Lindsay Boucher

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Elle & Eleanor Across the Pond

(Illustrations by Hannah Farr – click on Hannah’s name for more info on her work)


When you and your mom host a famous American cooking show, you get the chance to see the world.  And when your best friend joins you, sometimes, no matter how much you promise, there are unintentional shenanigans.  

Eight year olds, Eleanor Cole and Elle Harris travel to London.  With a secret quest to become royalty, they navigate an unfamiliar city, take in the sights, and keep their trusted babysitter, Bruce, on his toes.   

Will their hopes of becoming princesses come true?  Will they manage to stay out of trouble?  

Join Elle & Eleanor on their first adventure! 


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