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Deborah Fezelle trained as an actress at Juilliard in NYC. For 25 years she worked on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in regional theaters around the country. She began writing at the age of 10, when she penned her first play. THE EVIL THAT MEN DO marked her publishing debut, a story inspired by her sister’s untimely death.


Sherry Yanow is the author of COOPER’S LAST STAND, an award-nominated Harlequin romance. She’s also been a film and theater critic and an avid soap-opera buff, hosting a soap-opera message board. And then she met Deborah on that same board …


When Deborah decided to check out her favorite soap actor, serendipity took over and she and Sherry began a writing collaboration that has spanned over 10 years, including six staged plays, two web series, and THE EVIL THAT MEN DO, the novel that began it all, published by Shorehouse Books. Since its publication in 2013, EVIL has been selected to be recorded as an audio book for the Florida Talking Books Library Service. EVIL’S sequel is A WALKING SHADOW, published by Shorehouse in 2014. Deborah and Sherry love writing all kinds of popular fiction, from complex tales of love and loss to political thrillers to supernatural karma. In Sherry’s “other life,” she enjoys her family, her cat, her eclectic classes, and her new home in the beautiful Hudson River Valley. Deborah returned to Ohio, formed a theatrical company, and turned to directing, also serving as acting coach on the feature film UNDERDOGS. She recently moved to North Carolina.

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The Evil That Men Do by Deborah Fezelle and Sherry Yanow

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The sequel to The Evil That Men Do from the writing team of Deborah Fezelle and Sherry Yanow