Cartoons for Faith and Fitness

This week we are going to highlight our authors who use cartoons to make us laugh and learn.  First up is Phillip Dillman and his oh so humorous cartoons from church entitled Scripture Scribbles: Cartoons from the Choir Loft and the follow up books: More Scripture Scribbles and Scripture Scribbles III 





Book Descriptions:  Phillip Dillman is a man of faith, music and cartoons. Each Sunday, Dillman sings in his church choir and sketches cartoons about the day’s sermon. Dillman’s scripture scribbles, which are conceptualized and drawn in a span of about 15 minutes, add a humorous twist and perhaps a bit more appreciation to the traditional Bible stories. In case you might think this is a heretical work, think again as the foreword was written by Dillman’s pastor.

Phillip Dillman Bio:

Phil Dillman was born and raised in Homewood, Illinois. His parents went to church regularly at First Presbyterian Church of Homewood, with Phil and his sister, Laura, regularly attending Sunday School. Phil remembers some of the drawings he did during that time, one being an erupting volcano. This was inspired by the topic of creation. He was thrilled when the drawings done by the kids in the class were projected onto the wall of the sanctuary during a church service later in the year. There, as big as life, was his image of a volcano spewing and streaming molten lava down its sides. That was cool!

Nearly forty years later, Phil sings in the choir and finds inspiration for his drawings in the scripture lessons or the sermons. Many of the drawings are humorous (at least to Phil) while some are a bit more serious. Some of the references are obvious while some are a bit abstract or absurd. Either way, it is hoped that everyone will enjoy the books and not be offended by any of the scribbles.

Phil is a truck driver during the week and is the Editor of two quarterly newsletters; one for the Pepsi-Cola Collectors Club and one for the Dillman Family Association (genealogy). He co-authored a book on Pepsi Memorabilia in 2000.

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Roger Hollis combines his running knowledge with humorous cartoons to inspire the runner in all of us to get off our butts and get running!

RUNNING LOG by Roger Hollis

Book Description: Whether a beginner, a long-time runner, a runner who is in it for just fun and exercise or an ardent racer, we all have a variety of “tools” we use to keep us motivated. One of Roger Hollis’ long-time “tools” is a training log. He has dozens that he has filled in over the years.  He still keeps them (He is not sure why),  but they are his guides to tracking the miles he has logged to reach his annual goal.  While this training log provides you with a weekly summary of your progress, Hollis has added a little whimsy for each week in the form of a cartoon to perhaps keep you motivated but also, hopefully, to add a small chuckle to your day.

Roger Hollis Bio:

Roger Hollis, President of Roger E. Hollis LLC, is a consultant providing sales management, strategic planning and business growth planning. His career included 30+ years in the corporate world with Engineering, Operations and Sales Management experience. He is also a USAF veteran with 2 tours of duty and 150 combat missions. His avocations include running, the occasional 5K race, volunteering for the Akron Marathon and gardening. When not working or doodling with his cartoon hobby, you’ll likely see him out running the roads or the trails 5 to 6 times per week.

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