When Illustrations Make Books Come Alive

Today we are going to showcase some wonderfully illustrated books.  Both of these books were illlustrated by the talented Hannah Farr.  The messages and the story in these books can stand on their own two feet but Hannah’s art gives them wings to fly. You can pick up a copy of both these books on Amazon:

 Elle & Eleanor Across the Pond  

Written by first-time authors Lindsay K. Boucher and Lauren M. Widner 

Book Description:  A perfect first-chapter book! When you and your mom host a famous American cooking show, you get the chance to see the world. And when your best friend joins you, sometimes, no matter how much you promise, there are unintentional shenanigans. Eight year olds, Eleanor Cole and Elle Harris travel to London. With a secret quest to become royalty, they navigate an unfamiliar city, take in the sights, and keep their trusted babysitter, Bruce, on his toes. Will their hopes of becoming princesses come true? Will they manage to stay out of trouble? Join Elle & Eleanor on their first adventure!

available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon

If I Could Mend Your Heart

by Mary Farr

Book Description: Years ago, when I was training to become a hospital chaplain, my supervisor offered a startling observation: “You will learn that chaplaincy and the art of caring for another during times of grief have little to do with a job description and everything to do with the interruptions.” 

Available in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.

If I Could Mend Your Heart, is all about life’s interruptions – the losses, the endings, the upheavals. It’s a little book with a big message about healing and how we show up and support one another in our troubles. Readers will find themselves on a small quiet walk filled with authentic words of inspiration, and loving kindness.

The images speak of hospitality of the heart. It’s a perfect gift when no words can completely express our care and concern. A gift for a friend or one to keep on the nightstand, If I Could Mend Your Heart promises that sunrise truly does follow midnight.