12 Conversations


12 Conversations: How To Talk to Almost Anyone About Long-Term Care Planning

When someone you love has had an unexpected accident, what do you do? When Mom has fallen and she can’t get up, what comes next? How do you talk to your siblings, doctor or employer about caregiving issues? What’s the most critical work to get done before a caregiving dilemma hits? Most people say they wish they had known sooner how to plan for just such an emergency. Here’s your roadmap for having “the talk!” Cathy Sikorski’s third book, is an important contribution to the caregiving crisis. This book will help with the hard conversations around long-term care. Sikorski has created a quick yet abundant read armed with questions you need to ask, actual conversations you need to have, and hardcore suggestions to guide you to a personal plan for you and your loved ones.

Each chapter addresses those important people who need to be involved when a critical juncture occurs: like your spouse, mom, dad, and adult children. But unlike other books, Sikorski includes the other professionals who will be needed to create a secure, workable plan: a doctor, a lawyer and yes, even your employer. This book is for everyone who hopes to get older, or has someone they love who is getting older. That’s pretty much everyone. So, this book is for you!

Cathy Sikorski is a consulting and practicing attorney for over 30 years and limits her practice to Elder Law issues. She has been a significant caregiver for eight different family members and friends. This combination of legal and practical experience in aging and caregiving has made Sikorski a sought-out speaker on these important issues. She is a frequent guest on television, radio programs and podcasts as well as a keynote speaker at conferences where she educates audiences on financial and legal preparation for the aging crisis. is her third book. Her first two books include a humorous memoir and which debuted at #1 on Amazon Visit her website and blog www.cathysikorski.com